Monday, February 20, 2012

Hot Toys Nick Fury 1/6th scale Preview

Hot Toys released final sculpt photos of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in the Avengers. Sideshow put it up today for preorder for an IMO expensive USD 189.99, see: Nick Fury at Sideshow

Not sure yet guys about this one. The whole head just looks to round if you ask me. Tailoring looks definately cool though, accessories are okay (suitcase, some weapons). No day one buy for me - let's wait for in-hand pics in some months.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark II / 2 in Detolf with table - photos

I got some requests to show the Mark 2 / II on its additional table in a detolf.

As I have to say...not much spare left for other stuff. Not so cool IMO. But I hope it helps for other peops to decide.

Palisades Toys Alien Special Edition Pewter Mini-Bust

Check out my video presentation of the 2004 Alien Special Edition mini-bust Pewter exclusive Mini-Bust (limited to 500 pieces in the US, offered via .

Some specs:
  • comes with a nice collectors box and 2 spare clear plastic domes
  • weighs 6 kg / 12 pounds (!) 
  • retail price about 300 USD - value today unknown (rising)
  • 500 pieces in the states, 250 in Japan
  • there was a painted version with a much higher limited number (5000)
  • and palisades toys quit business some time after releasing this piece

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to support this site:
donations & sideshow affiliate program

Hi my dear blog readers and followers

On the following subject I want to very honest with you:

This site is run privately and at the moment I got no sponsorship going on. So all the stuff I get in and review is part of my own collection and paid by my own earned money. When I got into reviewing and started doing video and photo presentations of the collection there were some bigger asset costs to be made.

The invested money went into building this site and buying equipment for reviewing. The big part I invest is actually in taking my free time to get the things out to you, this is definately supported on just my true passion for this hobby.

In the long term I definately want to continue doing high quality posts and develop this site. So to cover some of the running costs of this project I thought why not do setup and intoduce you to the following means to help out:

  1. Setting up a PayPal donation button:
    With the following button I give you the option to do a donation to my site. Just a click and you get to a Paypal site where you'll send money to my e-mail address - it's safe & secure, a 100%.


    There is of course no must at all - but any donation of anyone of you out there is much much appreciated. When I get the chance to do a little give-away the people who donated definately will be in the raffle. You'll find this donation button across all the site and in any blog post - so keep an eye out for it if you think that some content was worth your time and maybe a little donation.

  2. Sideshow collectibles affiliate program
    Spread across my blog you'll come across differenct product banners of Sideshow Collectibles. Sideshow has a great affiliate program going on. So if you click on these banners and end up buying something on Sideshow I'll get about 5& of commission on this deal when its completed.

    So if there are any people out there who buy often on Sideshow Collectibles then you definately can support this site when doing it over my site

    For example you could check out their upcoming offer on the new Real Steel 1/1 bust:

    Atom Life Size Bust
Thank you very much for your support and
continued interested in my work,


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Horizon Stargate Horus Guard Model kit 1/5 scale

Today I can present you something a bit older - the Horizont Stargate Horus Guard Model kit.
Please check out the following video presentation and continue for reading some more details:

To be exact this item is based upon the original Stargate movie release in 1994 - a definite Sci-Fi Classic in my opinion. The horus guards were the protectors of the Sun God Ra and fought Kurt Russel an its team until death. I really dig the animatronics and specials effects they used in the movie on the armor plating / helmets - quite iconic and something totally new. Bringing old mythology together with hi-tech devices is something that totally caught my attention.

The kit released by producer Horizon arrived in 1994 as well and remains until today as one of the greatest Stargate kits. In general the Stargate franchise was never that popular in terms of collectibles, which is a bit unfortunate (at least compared to other franchises like Alien and Predator). I always thought that the movie design was a perfect theme for making scaled replicas and other things for us movie buffs.

Also check out the next photos of other build ups - there was also a nice Anubis model kit of the same producer:

Build-up of both Kits by Louis Armour

You still can buy this kit on eBay - form time to time you will see the original Horizon kit. Or if you can't track it down there are lots of sellers who can offer recasts of the original kit, including painting and building services.

Edit on 15th of February 2012:
Just saw that I missed the Ra model kit by Horizon - have a look:

Friday, February 10, 2012

About myself and

This site is up and running for some months now and I got in general very good feedback. Thanks to all you out there around the world who follow this blog. Much appreciated.

I decided to give you some background info on who I am and why I am doing this little project here. See for yourself on the new about webpage:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Brother Production Inception Cobb Leo Di Caprio 1/6 figure video review

No Hot Toys review today. Was impressived with the work of Brother Production on their Inception or "Exception" figure and sculpt of Leonardo di Caprio. So I decided to give it a try - no let down at all. Spread the word so we can see even better stuff by Brother production.

Enjoy the following vid review:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hot Toys Mark II - photos in natural lighting

Just some quick snapshots of the new Mark II armor unleashed - not much postprocessing here (brightened it up a  bit).


Some new photos under a lightspot:

Hot Toys Classic Predator - unboxing and video review

So I finally got my christmas 2011 present...2 monts of delay. I don't know the details, but what I know is that I preordered the figure in August 2011 at a HK eBay seller. Then months went by...sideshow got it first...all had their Christmas Predator...but not me. Was quite a bummer to see all the other people receiving theirs, but what can you do.

Check my vid for a unboxing and presentation of this awesome figure. His name says instant Classic (Predator). :-)

Enjoy and have a good time 1/6 collectors and Predator fans.

Quick review in text. 

The good:
  • Paint application is super realistic, spot on and very realistic
  • lots of cool accessories, like the holographic panel
  • the custom base is more than a throw in, very detailed, nicely painted
  • metal wristblades - oh yeah :-)
  • 4 different face expressions: masked normal, damaged battledamaged, closed and open mandibles
  • high quality materials for clothing
The ugly:
  • not much here to say, may be the paint application of the forehead where the pain suddenly gets into a white / beige 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hot Toys Mark II Armor unleashed video review

Hi guys, hope you're having a good time. Something completely fresh today. Check out my video review of the Hot Toys Mark II armor unleashed figure - sorry didn't go for the exclusive.

A must-have for any iron man collector!

Some sort of short review:

The positive:
  • A definite chrome-look as paint application, not greyish and also not silverish. Check out the video for seeing all the reföections on the body. Of course its no where as shiny as the movie counterpart, but it will stand out in your Iron Man collection for sure
  • Huge lot of parts and accessories, there's so much stuff to discover on this figure
  • Light up feature works like a charm and is real bright
  • Cool box - like it a lot more than the Iron man 2 Line, classy look
  • In my opinion still a very good Don Cheadle face sculpt, slightly different from the war machine one (at least on mine, see the video)
The negative:
  • definately the cardboard table - it's only a throw-in, nothing durable, but in the end Hot Toys did what they could in time, money and especially regarding to the limited box space
And for closing a more in depth look in moving frames: