Friday, October 29, 2021

Coolprops Alien 1 Big Chap 1/3 maquette - approved by H.R. Giger Museum

This is the perfect addition to the 1/1 Alien bust of Coolprops: I finally was able to acquire the Coolprops Big Chap Alien 1 maquette , 1/3 scale - fully approved by the H.R. Giger Museum. What a beautiful recreation of the museum display. Compared to current 2021 Prime 1 Big Chap the paintjob might be not as vibrant, but the sculpt, toned down paintjob and quality of the build is fully supporting the museum look.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Queen Studios Iron Man Mark 50 L life-size bust - battle damaged version - photo and video review

 This week I received my second Queen Studios product after the T-800 Arnold Schwarzenegger bust: the Queen Studios Iron Man Mark 50 L Life-size bust - battle damaged version. 

What a beautiful piece! There are only some minor complaints, like the lackluster color application on the base (especially the silver) or the too short power cord of the AC adapter. Everything else is superb and I can't stress how epic sized this bust is with the wings attached. 

See the video review on youtube:

More photos after the jump.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Hot Toys Iron Man Midas Mark XXI 21diecast - 1/6 MMS586 D36 - photo and video review

One of the first Hot Toys Iron Man Mark VII suit variants back in 2013 was the Midas suit, the Mark XXI. Hot Toys has just released the third iteration - this time around with diecast elements and a rich golden paint application that is really striking.

📦 Buy your Mark XXI Midas diecast at Sideshow:

See the video review on youtube:

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Dark Star Theater by xenom0rph - new trophy & collection room incl. star ceiling

This year we moved into a new home and I had the opportunity to extend the apartment by a hobby room in the basement. This lead to the project idea that has been realized some weeks ago: the Dark Star theater, basically and integrated experience for watching movies and enjoying the collection.

Enjoy the video tour:

Some high quality shots of the finalized room:

The equipment:

  • Room size: 7.5m (24.5 feet) x 4.5m (14.7 feet) , height: 2.20m. 7.2. feet
  • Projector: Sony VPL-VW570ES (VW695ES) 4K projector
  • Speaker: 7.2 system with
    • Sonance R1 reference line for front & side surround (in wall)
    • Piega AP 1.2 for back surround,
    • 2 x Paradigm Defiance V12 subwoofer
  • Receiver: Marantz SR-7013 9.2
  • Screen: Screen Innovation Zero Edge Pro Slate 1.2, 133" , Cinemascope 21:9
  • Lighting
    • RGB led bars around the side and front covers, fully integrated and addressable with C4
    • Starceiling: Infinity star ceiling panels 6 x 1m2 , MiniLED800 light source DMX adressable of Starscape UK
    • DALI Spots for collection and room integrated with C4
  • Home automation with Control 4 EA5 Controller, Neeo remote, Wall panel
  • Cabinets: Custom Moducases DF 60 with 70cm height, DF150 and DF130 with 70cm height, half shelves with acrylic glass, custom top board
  • Room heating: Carpet floor on top of concrete helps, to heat up room i have a black Infrared heating panel

Some interesting side notes:

  • project duration was affected by corona, but here some timeframes:
    • Planning & Concept: 1.5 months of me doing sketches and having them refined with the home theater builder
    • Preparation of construction (prepping woods & materials): 2 weeks
    • interior room work to transform the conrete room into a home theater: 6 days
    • Waiting time for components: 2 months in some areas due to the pandemic
    • Programming C4 and integration of lighting & devices: 2 days
    • Setting up cabinets: 14 hours with a 30mins break
    • Enjoying the room: Forever. 😊
  • Atmos: We thought about this but with this room height we're unsure if it would pay off - maybe an extra later on
  • Room prep during basement construction: cable trenches / channels were integrated in the construction phase into the concrete to route cables from central Network access all around the room - allowing to hide any cables and have direct access where required. On all room corners power outlets were added to have short distances to enable lighting and to be flexible.
  • Budget: you can compare it to a premium BMW / Audi car, since i'm highly unskilled i could not do carpenter work by myself and had to get professional services in which is def. not cheap here in Switzerland. So I rather focused my time in actually getting money in on my real job to get this financed.
  • Control4: We integrated 2 lighting circuits - DMX & DALI with special drivers that are fully integrated now into the EA5 controller, pretty cool and also my C4 specialist learned quite a bit on this
  • StarCeiling: don't underestimate the RGB effect on might look cheesy on photos, but in reality with all the other ambient lights it's amazing to have red & purple stars. 😊

To end the post I'd like to some images of the progress coming from an empty basement concrete:

Concept phase with 3D sketches: