Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A peek into "The art of the Avengers" & release Samurai Predator by HT

Hey guys, quick update today: After the phenomenal Dark Knight Manual i ordered "The art of the Avengers" - also a great companion to any superhereo collection.

Check the vid out:

And a very HOT news: The Hot Toys Samurai Predator is finally being released in HK. First inhand photos are popping up everywhere, like here on Facebook by OMG:

OMG's Photo album of the Samurai Pred by Hot Toys

Seems like a bomb release with sculpt and paint by two famous heads in the scene:  Takayuki Takeya and Yuji Oniki . I couldn't resist anymore now and had to buy one directly.

See Sideshowtoys for a fair offer:

Monday, August 27, 2012

A peek into "The Dark Knight manual" .

Not so into books normally, but with this book I had to do an exception. If you  just a TINY interested in the Nolan Dark Knight / Batman trilogy you have to get this companion book.

The publisher seems to have some other books like this one, check out:

Mark IV faded panties fix & Narrow shoulder 1/6th scale body

Guys, got some new stuff in. First: I got a used Mark IV (original release) by Hot Toys - it was in a great shape but the panties began already fading.

I put a video online how to do it the best on the Mark IV:

Probably you are aware of my first faded panties fix on the Mark IV - just review it here:  Click.

Then second was a couple of bootleg truetype narrow shoulder bodies for customizing. These are from the bay and perfect for doing some army building and using secondary heads / outfits, check the offer of seller "headplay":

Narrow shoulder body on eBay

You see some details on the bootleg body on the upper video as well.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Personal note: report on my corneal transplant / keratoplasty experience

Hi guys, something off topic but I wanted to share this incisive experience in my life on the internet - its important to know about and maybe other people will be affected of this in their life too:

So today I wanna tell you a bit about keratoplasty or also called corneal transplant.

The eye infection & cure - corneal ulcer because of pseudomonas 

2 years ago I got a severe infection on my left eye - an extremely destructive bacteria called pseudomonas aeruginosa contaminated my contact lens. This bacteria is to be found in water infrastructures like toilets, probably got it from a youth hotel when i travelled scottland. After contamination I wore the contact lens overnight - which all made very very worse. In addition the bacteria probably also contaminated the container of the contacts, and laboratory tests found the bacteria in both contacts. So I'm quite happy that I only got infected in one of the eyes.

Back from my Scottland trip I visited a local eye specialist and he gave me some tear drops. At that time we had no idea that behind all of this could be this evil pseudomonas. After 2 days my eye developed a "corneal ulcer", like a big hole in my cornea that blocked my vision in the center. The eye specialist wasn't expecting this worse result after the eye drops - and he directly lead me to the hositpal / eye clinic as an emergency.

In the hositptal I immediately got hospitalized for 2 weeks - a long time, just lying and sitting there in a bed, waiting for the nurses dropping anti-bacterial stuff in my left eye. In the first days this had to be done in a very tight timeplan , approx. every hour a new type of drop. You could lose sight completely if you don't fight against those pseudomonas - it's very agressive.

After 2 weeks of hospital I could return home and continued there giving me these drops all day long, always observered by a doctor where I had to go 2 times a week. Then finally after about a month I won the battle against the attacking organism - the ulcer was gone and my cornea began healing and the hole from the bacteria was closed.

Then it took about 1.5 years to get a final result of the scarring. The scar was directly on top of the pupil and so completely blocked my eye focus in the center. My vision was about max 10%.

The brain adapted to this new situation and put its processing power on the healthy right eye - daily work and life was going on. Actually i could have accepted the situtation but then I got the info on possible solution: a corneal transplant or keratoplasty.

Against the corneal scars - road to keratoplasty

So what happens in this organ transplant?

1. You need a donor cornea: I can't thank the person enough who donored me his cornea, ill never know who it was, but his cornea will bring me back to near normal sight. So everyone: make sure you do a donor passport - a cornea you wont need anymore after death, but for somebody else its a wish come true. In the states there are over 40'000 corneal transplants per year - unbelievable. Reasons are very different: scarring, toxic Injuries, fire or burn and of course physical damage from various things.

2. get an expert doctor who is experienced enough! Here in Switzerland there are about 500 transplants a year, most of them done in the hospital of Lucerne. Since there is a cornea donor bank.

3. The surgery itself has different manners of executions. I had to go with the 'penetrating keratoplasty' where the complete cornea of my eye got replaced with the donor's. This kind of transplant was firstly executed over 100 years ago and its by far the most routine transplant surgery today.
With an exacto like knife kit ( the trepan ) both corneas get sliced to the correct part , then the donor one gets placed into the eye (like a little cylinder) and after that the eye surgeon will stitch it with the rest of my orginal cornea around it. The whole surgery is under General anaesthetic.

It sounds crazy and the result looks definately wild. But I didn't feel any pain until now.

See for yourself on the images 4h post surgery:

4. After the surgery you go into longterm eyedrop and status checking therapy. With lots of cortisone and other stuff that you have to put into the eye. This makes it more safe that there will be no rejection of the transplanted cornea. A donor transplant should stay completely translucent otherwise you have to repeat and do re-keratoplasty.

Under frequent surveillance of your eye docor progress and medication plan will be checked. Most times you get UV active teardrops during consultations - so that the doctor han estimate the surface quality of the new cornea. This is why my eye looks a bit like the one on Bruce Banner when he gets angry. ;-)

In a cornea transplant the risk of rejection is very small because there are no blood vessels in this part of the eye. So ever single one of you could become a donor one day.

5. After about a year the sutures will be removed - thats when you will see the best result and hopefully reestablished and normal sight. I hope for vision of 70 - 80% and get the rest corrected with lenses, laser or the glasses.

I can leave hospital on my fith day after surgery. So there's a lot of work and time ahead of me. This massive transplant will hopefully heal in time.

Soo, this was my little excursion on a very important situation in my life. Just ask and write if you suffer a similiar event. And please - get a donor pass. :-)

Little Update - a vid with my macro lens of the stitches in the eye. Just incredible!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Community Update - Favorite Youtube channels.

As you know I'm quite active on the tube. There's such a nice community around premium figure and statue collectors from all around the world.

At the moment I have a total 1/6th focus, so thats why I list you some cool and informative Youtube reviewers that you should check out. No priority or rating here, let's start with A to Z.

ansol2006 : Clean and paced presentations of latest Hot Toys and Sideshow stuff - to the point! In addition he also shares vids from conventions. And he has the same name as me. ;)

More recommendations and favorites after the jump (read more).

Thursday, August 16, 2012

SALE: Dark Horse Predator 2 Model kit

It's sale time again. Today I've got something pretty neat for ya - the Predator 2 Kit by Dark Horse (Randy Bowen sculpt from 1994), build and pro-painted my German artist Christian Soeder. It's an original kit and I also have the box available.

Check my eBay auction here - for shipping please inquire:
Dark Horse Predator 2 ebay auction

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Apoxie sculpt - Quick Tour for repairing and modelling

Check out my quick video tour on the product "Apoxie sculpt" by Aves. It's a great modelling compound to repair and sculpt stuff, especially regarding model kits and other resin collectibles. The product is known worldwirde for its quality so I thought why not to give it a try - totally paid off.

Check here for more details on the product: Aves Studio Homepage

Update: Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III / IV / VI color fading and how to fix it (tutorial)

 ---- Latest Update on the panties fix at the end of the blog post ----

Today I've got a little How-to-fix / tutorial for a special issue on some of the Iron Man figures by Hot Toys:

Some of you may be aware of the problem on the Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III, IV and VI figures: The panties of the figure are made of a rubbery plastic and the deep red color will fade away in time. This process definately has to do with the light and air exposure since I had my Mark VI always out in the open (detolf). Some people say theirs are without problems although having diplayed the figure at daylight - so maybe the issue is not on every figure present and its only happening with invidiual figures.

As for my case: after about a half year of owning the figure I already experience the fading issue on the panties and they went from a dep ferrari red to a shallow red color.

The issue is discussed widely in the following forums thread:
1/6 Hot Toys Iron Man Fade Issue Thread

- in there was a solution posted by a member and I was informed on the matter because a youtube friend   that saw the faded panties on my Mark VI in the Mark II review. Credits also go to sideshowfreaks forums member mywii who came up with the original idea of this color mod / fix.

Since there's no actual tutorial video on the internet I decided to give it a shot and will guide you through the process - see for yourself:

  1. You have to seperate the figure to get the panties down ;-) - mine were slightly glued at one spot , just pull it! Also with the legs - just rotate and pull them. Don't hesitate - in this step you can't do anything wrong.
  2. Find a thinner or a nail varnish remover from your mother or girlfriend. Also you will need a cloth.
  3. Start rubbing on the inside of the panties. You'll see the silverish color layer which you can just rub off in seconds. If you rub more you will see the dark red plastic of the panties. So for some reason hot toys decided to give 2 layers of paint on this part of the figure when its actually a red plastic underneath.
  4. Continue on the outside if you're sure that your tools (thinner and cloth) will do the job. Rub with quite some pressure to get away all the color on the outside - first the outer layer which is red, and the second layer which is silverish.
  5. After rubbing the whole color off you will have the plain but deep red plastic left - and if not overdone it you will also still have the black lines between the "armor plating". If you don't see the black lines anymore you can use a fine water-proof pen to redraw those lines. I didn't had to do this since my thinner / nail varnish remover wasn't that aggressive it seems
  6. Take some clear coat of Tamiya or a clear nail polish coat and apply it on the outside. Personally I used a spray gloss - you can definately use a little brush and liquid coat also. Let it dry and you have the shiny look of the armor back
  7. Cheer and enjoy your renewed and unfaded colors on your Mark III, Mark IV or Mark VI

Update - August 2012: 

I bought a used Mark IV and will do an updated video on this. But First:

Some unaltered Photos of the panties mod on the Mark IV:

Update 2 - August 2012:

Got my Mark IV in, you'll find all the details on the fix in this video:

Monday, August 6, 2012

No purple Fury. :-)

Some people were irritated because of the purple colors in my Nick Fury video review.

Here a short vid of him in another lighting - so everything's safe guys.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hot Toys Nick Fury 1/6 scale photo gallery

Coming back with some photos of the new Hot Toys Nick Fury figure. Enjoy.

Personally I think this angle gets the likeness of Samuel L. Jackson the closest. Not perfect though.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hot Toys Nick Fury 1/ 6 scale Avengers figure presentation

Good evening guys,
Been some time here on my collectible blog. Hope you're still around. :-)
I did enjoy my summer vacations in Thailand and getting back to you with a new Hot Toys figure review: Nick Fury 1/6th scale of the recent Avengers movie. Enjoy mates and see u later. Notice. I had some white balance problems - the outfit is NOT purple, black to a dark blue.