Saturday, December 22, 2012

Asmus Toys Avengers Tony Stark casual clothing set - photo and video review

Finally got the Asmus Toys casual clothing set for Avengers Tony Stark in hand. For 25 USD shipped its a nice addition to your Iron Man 1/6 collection. Enjoy some photos and a short review. I Put the suit on a bootleg Truetype narrow shoulder body. And the headsculpt is the one of the Mark IV - original HT. The neck could be a tad longer with this new shirt, but its still ok. Also I used the suitcase from the Hot Toys Mark V figure as a fitting addition to the suit.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Hot Toys Wolf Predator - Cleaner kit - AvP:R : photo and video review

Got my hands on a older Hot Toys figure: the Wolf Predator 1/6 Cleaner kit version from 2008. Quite happy with the figure, lots of nice accessories and an  awesome biomask and headsculpt.

Important: If somebody wants to sell a spare non-damaged biomask of the original Wolf release and a second plasma gun, please let me know.

Enjoy the photos and videos:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hot Toys Captain America 1/6 - The Avengers - photo and video review

We have to start out with a photo - words can't describe this hot toys figure enough guys:

I'm totally excited holding this fig in hand - it's quite unbelieavable seeing this headsculpt for myself. Chris Evans all the way! Check the following video review, my conclusion and lots more on Hot Toys latest Avengers figure release.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hot Toys Predators Royce 1/6 - photo and video review

I wanted to complete my Hot Toys Predators line and Royce was the only figure left. So I hunted down a used one and got a great deal on a perfect mint figure with box.

Enjoy my quick verdict on this figure, the video and the photos: