Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hot Toys Classic Predator - unboxing and video review

So I finally got my christmas 2011 present...2 monts of delay. I don't know the details, but what I know is that I preordered the figure in August 2011 at a HK eBay seller. Then months went by...sideshow got it first...all had their Christmas Predator...but not me. Was quite a bummer to see all the other people receiving theirs, but what can you do.

Check my vid for a unboxing and presentation of this awesome figure. His name says instant Classic (Predator). :-)

Enjoy and have a good time 1/6 collectors and Predator fans.

Quick review in text. 

The good:
  • Paint application is super realistic, spot on and very realistic
  • lots of cool accessories, like the holographic panel
  • the custom base is more than a throw in, very detailed, nicely painted
  • metal wristblades - oh yeah :-)
  • 4 different face expressions: masked normal, damaged battledamaged, closed and open mandibles
  • high quality materials for clothing
The ugly:
  • not much here to say, may be the paint application of the forehead where the pain suddenly gets into a white / beige 

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