Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Horizon Stargate Horus Guard Model kit 1/5 scale

Today I can present you something a bit older - the Horizont Stargate Horus Guard Model kit.
Please check out the following video presentation and continue for reading some more details:

To be exact this item is based upon the original Stargate movie release in 1994 - a definite Sci-Fi Classic in my opinion. The horus guards were the protectors of the Sun God Ra and fought Kurt Russel an its team until death. I really dig the animatronics and specials effects they used in the movie on the armor plating / helmets - quite iconic and something totally new. Bringing old mythology together with hi-tech devices is something that totally caught my attention.

The kit released by producer Horizon arrived in 1994 as well and remains until today as one of the greatest Stargate kits. In general the Stargate franchise was never that popular in terms of collectibles, which is a bit unfortunate (at least compared to other franchises like Alien and Predator). I always thought that the movie design was a perfect theme for making scaled replicas and other things for us movie buffs.

Also check out the next photos of other build ups - there was also a nice Anubis model kit of the same producer:

Build-up of both Kits by Louis Armour

You still can buy this kit on eBay - form time to time you will see the original Horizon kit. Or if you can't track it down there are lots of sellers who can offer recasts of the original kit, including painting and building services.

Edit on 15th of February 2012:
Just saw that I missed the Ra model kit by Horizon - have a look:

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