Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Brother Production Inception Cobb Leo Di Caprio 1/6 figure video review

No Hot Toys review today. Was impressived with the work of Brother Production on their Inception or "Exception" figure and sculpt of Leonardo di Caprio. So I decided to give it a try - no let down at all. Spread the word so we can see even better stuff by Brother production.

Enjoy the following vid review:


  1. Definitely an awesome figure as I have seen it in my friend shop last week..VERY nice suit they made and head sculpt is great..

  2. Hey Desmond! Definately. :-) Check out the new pics...oh and by the way...I just realized you had your own blog here on blogspot! Sorry that I'm so late...just subbed and will get your latest updates in my reader. Looking god from what I saw. :-) Cheers Andre