Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hot Toys Avengers - Iron Man Mark VII 1/6 video review

A quick one - video review on Hot Toys Avengers Iron Man Mark VII. A magnificent piece.

At the end of the vid you also see a custom cape for Batman 1989 by Tony Mei ( get it here ).

Plus I scored a new glass cabinet - was lucky punch on eBay. Got it from a local Swiss folk museum seller -right next to the border of Germany. Proper German engineering on this display case. Aluminium casing all around.

Here the cabinet in the musem:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hot Toys AvP Scar Predator 1/6 (2013) - video review

Here the promised video review on Scar Predator 1/6 by Hot Toys (2013 version).

Hot Toys AvP Scar Predator 1/6 (2013) - photo review

Finally a new addition to the collection. This is the new Scar Predator 1/6 scale by Hot Toys . I never owned the first Alien vs. Predator figures, but from what I can tell Hot Toys put some definite quality into this re-release of Scar. Enjoy some photos and soon a video review: