Monday, February 20, 2012

Hot Toys Nick Fury 1/6th scale Preview

Hot Toys released final sculpt photos of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in the Avengers. Sideshow put it up today for preorder for an IMO expensive USD 189.99, see: Nick Fury at Sideshow

Not sure yet guys about this one. The whole head just looks to round if you ask me. Tailoring looks definately cool though, accessories are okay (suitcase, some weapons). No day one buy for me - let's wait for in-hand pics in some months.


  1. As I wanted to collect the Avenger characters..will make pre-order for this...

    1. Hi Desmond, thanks for your comment! Did you pre-order over my link? Got a pssible pre-order referred , might have been you. THANKS a lot. :-) Put up a review when you get it. Cheers Andre