Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hot Toys Tony Stark arc reactor creation set - Iron Man 2 - 1/6 MMS273 video and photo review

Actually I thought my collecting year 2014 was already closed, but you know Hot Toys, they can surprise you even at the last day in a year, so happened with this latest Iron Man 2 Tony Stark 1/6 figure which is basically a big fan service and only for hardcore collectors. It allows you to recreate the creation scene of the triangular arc reactor in the second movie and basically consists of some cool arc reactor items and an amazing headsculpt - the best do date. Enjoy some photos and the video review:

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hot Toys Star-Lord -Guardians of the Galaxy - 1/6 MMS255 video and photo review

Some fresh blood for my 1/6 collection - Star-Lord arrived directly from Hong Kong. A damn good start into the Guardians of the Galaxy line, didn't expect that. The likeness to Chris Pratt is terrific! Enjoy some photos and a video review:

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hot Toys Captain America Stealth Suit - 1/6 MMS242 video and photo review

Got this weekend the Stealth Suit Cap America. I had no big interest for the Steve Rogers sculpt so I went for the single cap edition. It has some great tailoring, sculping work and paint apps. What I don't like to are the limitations on the articulation in the arms. Check out the video for some explanation. Here also some first photos, more will follow later this week.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Stoney's 1/6 acrylic stands - Custom Iron Man helmet display stand

Another custom piece by Stoney's stands : this time its a triangular shaped cusotm acrylic display base for a Hot Toys base for displaying Iron man helmts. Fits perfectly to my Mech Test Tony. Enjoy some photos and a video review. Get in contact with Mr Stoneberger (link above) if you're interested in such a custom project.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hot Toys The Dark Knight - Armory with Alfred and Bruce Wayne 1/6 MMS236 video & photo review

Decided to go for the full set and I'm definately impressed with the perfection of all pieces in this set. The armory even fits perfect in an IKEA detolf. Enjoy some photos and an extensive video review with all info on the setup and figures included.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hot Toys Captain America - The Winter Soldier 1/6 MMS241 video and photo review

The Winter Soldier is here by Hot Toys. Not really planned on getting this one since I left out some of the Captain America figures, but this is a pretty neat release. It has some flaws like loose studs (you get replacements in the box), the bionic arm paint could be bit more chrome looking and somehow I bionic hand that could hold the knife would be nice. But the 2 great headsculpts are definately very, very well done. Some photos and the usual video review:

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Enterbay Terminator 2 - T800 battle damaged 1/4 HD Masterpiece - video and photo review

This is my second 1/4 piece and my first figure of Enterbay, and I have to say: this battle damaged T-800 is definately one of the best figures of last year. I had no chance getting the figure at release date but last week I got a deal I couldn't refuse. Enjoy some photos and a video review with a comparison to the Hot Toys 1/4 endoskeleton and some 1/6 headsculpts of the same Terminator model by Hot Toys (just 1/6 scale). Definately a must have for Terminator or Arnold Schwarzenegger fans.

Here the video review:

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Art Figures Dredd / Heavy Armored Special Cop 1/6 AF-015 - video and photo review

Something fresh today - recently 1/6 producer Art Figures released an "artistic interpretation" of Judge Dredd from the 2012 Dredd movie with Karl Urban as main lead actor Judge Dredd. The figure is thus a non-licensed figure but it's quite obvious who the character is. Enjoy some photos and a video review on this beautiful piece.

I did a bit of paint modification on the shoulder area. Out of the box the shoulder pads have alost no visible highlights of gold, so please keep this in mind looking at my figure. It's easily done though, just get you some enamel paints and drybrush the pads. On the right shoulder you should only paint up the eagle and the wings golden.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 - Heartbreaker XVII 1/6 MMS216 video and photo review

Another Iron Man suit has landed in my collection - this time around it's the Heartbreaker suit. Enjoy a quick video review and some photos. I upgraded a bit on my lighting setup, still trying to find the right white balance though.

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Stoney's 1/6 acrylic stands - custom display option for your biomasks, helmets and headsculpts

You probably all know this situation: Getting a cool figure with multiple portraits / headsculpts or masked / helmeted variants - but only one body and clothing set with it. Most of the time the precious alternative portraits find a place in a item box and get stored up - but instead you want to have them displayed next to the main portrait. This is were Stoney's stand will help you a lot. Patrick Stoneberger has a great custom product going on - custom hand made acrylic stands for 1/6 but also for 1/4 stuff. Please head over to his facebook page to find some more information and if you want to place an order: Stoney's stands on facbeook

I had lots of spare Predator biomasks stored in my boxes and after having seen photos Stonebergers stands I was amazed. We got into contact and he worked me out a super deal on 4 display stands for my predator pieces. You can have them in different heights, so I got myself some taller ones and some lower ones. And even better - as a throw and sign of appreciation on my youtube work he sent me out a headsculpt stand for my latest T800 Battle damaged figure.

More info and photos after the jump.

It's all hand made out of high quality and high translucent acryl - looking at them from the front is amazing since the light just blazes through and the edges he worked out very good. With the predator stands you get a special top piece that holds in place perfect for masks that have the jaw build it. If you have something which has not the same connector structure just tell Stoney and he will definately try to customize a fitting holder for your. In any case you can get yourself some bluetack and attach those pieces to the stands. There's only one minor flaw: Since its all handmade and handglued you'll see a bit of glue fogging going on between base and the stand where its glued together - its a chemical reaction that you can't really avoid. But it's almsot not noticeable..

Enjoy some photos on his great product line. I'll definately get more stands for my Iron Man helmets to have them proudly presented. And a short video as overview:

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hot Toys Terminator 1 - T800 BD / police shootout 1/6 MMS238 video and photo review

Be ready for a massive review and some crips photos. I scored my latest Hot Toys haul again directly form Hong Kong. It's the T-800 battle damaged / police shootout 1/6 figure by Hot Toys. Definately a collector's dream coming true and it matches my expectations.

Also you'll see a new intro for my youtube channel - hope it fits.


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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 - Mark 42 XLIII 1/6 MMS197-D02 - video and photo review

After waiting for over a year I got my Mark 42 in Hot Toys Iron Man 3 line. The waiting time did really pay off on this one since it's pure quality. Only drawback is in my opinion the placement of the LED switch on the helmet. Other than that magnificent and definately a keeper. Enjoy some photos and my video review on this beauty.

More photos and impressions after the jump.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 - Silver Centurion XXXIII 1/6 MMS213 video and photo review

What a clean and beautiful Iron Man suit. Check out my latest review and photos on Silver Centurion Mark XXXIII in Hot Toys 1/6 Iron Man line. Almost perfect! Only thing I don't like is the placement of the LED eyes switch and battery compartment.

Here the vid review:

A lot more photos after the jump.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hot Toys Elder Predator 1/6 MMS233 video review and photo gallery

Hot Toys Elder Predator 2.0 in house! And oh my god, what a great 1/6 figure. So much detail work on the accessories and the outfit. Also the headsculpt came along great. Enjoy my video review and some photos. Altough I think the photos don't do enough justice - you gotta see it in hand.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 - Workshop Accessories set 1/6 ACS002

I got myself the Hot Toys Iron Man 3 workshop accessories set, directly from Hong Kong. First of all: It's way overpriced at over 120 USD but I still had the urge to get it as it seems I got to be a bit of a completionist.

Enjoy my youtube video review and some photos including comments:

Saturday, June 21, 2014

1/6 weapons restock - Dragon M16, AK47 & ZY Toys RPG & MGL-Short

Just some misc stuff today. I got some 1/6 weapons to stock up some Hot Toys figures.
  • Dragon models M16 with grenade launcher (useful as an alternative to the M16 of Hot Toys Predator dutch figure)
  • Dragon models AK47 (fits to the Iron Man Manderin)
  • ZY Toys RPG (ideal for Dark Knight Joker)
  • ZY Toys MGL-short (not movie accurate, but fits to Terminator 2 T-800)
Enjoy the video for a short introduction to the accessories and with what figures I plan using them.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hot Toys Thor Light Asgardian Armor 1/6 MMS225 video review and photo gallery

Hot Toys covered the latest Thor movier "Thor: The Dark World" with two variants of Thor. I got myself the more "unique" Light Asgardian Armor version. Definately a pleasing surprise and these rubber arms have great articulation too. Find out more in the video review on youtube and enjoy some photos.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 - Iron Patriot 1/6 MMS195-D01 video review and photo gallery

Finally he's here - Iron Patriot 1/6 scale by Hot Toys. Enjoy the video review and some photos in the gallery. Plain awesome figure - and the must have in the Iron Man 3 line of Hot Toys.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 - Red Snapper Mark XXXV1/6 PPS002 video review

Following my verdict on the Red Snapper in a video review:

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 - Red Snapper Mark XXXV1/6 PPS002 photo gallery

This is my first power pose series figure by Hot Toys - the Mark XXXV "Red snapper" suit. I went early and bought it from Hong Kong since the promo photos looked that good. Quite impressed with the articulation on this one. More on this in the video review. First enjoy some photos.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 - The Mandarin 1/6 MMS211 video review

Here is the video review on the Mandarin figure by Hot Toys. Please enjoy some crisp images on this awesome Ben Kingsley likeness:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 - The Mandarin 1/6 MMS211 photo gallery

The latest addition to my 1/6 collection is the The Mandarin by Hot Toys. Definately no must buy here, but what you get is very well done. Was hoping for more accessories though. Thanks to my buddy Mike at twelve-in.ch for a flawless transaction and deal on this (the place to buy 1/6 figures if you live in Switzerland by the way :) ).

More photos after the jump.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hot Toys The Wolverine 1/6 MMS 220 - video and photo review

My first 1/6 Wolverine arrived this week. Definately happy with this one. Enjoy some photos and the video review:

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 - War Machine Mark II 1/6 MMS198 - D03 - photo gallery

Just got the latest Hot Toys release, and its their first diecast release to hit the shelves. This War Machine Mark II MMS198-D03 is amazingly well done. Video review will follow shortly. For now enjoy some photos.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hot Toys AvP - Celtic Predator 2.0 MMS221 1/6 - video review

And here we go with the video review on Celtic Predator 2.0 by Hot Toys. You still can grab this figure Alien vs. Predator Figure at Sideshow Collectibles for a decent price.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hot Toys AvP - Celtic Predator 2.0 MMS221 1/6 - photo gallery

Finally a new Predator on my shelves: AvP Celtic Predator 2.0. But for most parts it looks like the earlier released Scar Predator. Check out some photos, video review is coming later.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

All the best for 2014 - thank you for your all-time support!

My audience, thank you so much for your all time support during last year. Hope you had a great start into 2014 and you enjoyed the festivities.

2013 was a great year in terms of collecting, but probably 2014 will be even better. We had an epic end of 2013 with some of the nicest 1/6 releases by Hot Toys (Superman of Man of Steel or the Terminator T-800 Battle-damaged DX13).

Looking forward to 1/6 releases by Hot Toys and probably we will see some suprises of known companies in the 1/4 territory. Setting up a mixed collection of 1/6 and 1/4 collectibles will be a bit of a challenge though for me. The magnificent Terminator Endoskeleton 1/4 by Hot Toys was a great strike going "bigger" and I definately have the urge to get more 1/4 stuff in the future.

Also Sideshow Collectibles will give us lots of cool statues in all scales, definately looking forward to the Marvel Iron Man Mark VII Marvel Legendary Scale(TM) Figure this year.

Have a great 2014 guys!