Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sideshow Legendary scale Iron Man Mark VII - Avengers - video and photo review

Checking out some new territory in collection: I'm preorderd  this almost at its announcement - it's my second statue piece of Sideshow and this time in the legendary scale line: the avengers Iron Man Mark VII armor. First impressions after you get the 3 huge boxes is really amazing. Unfortunately the flaws lay in the details and I'll explain this to you in my video review. Generally speaking it's not worth the 2000 USD, or even a lot more if you have to import it to Europe or to Asia incl. Taxes. Also I saw some nice shots of the Art Imaginarium 1/2 pieces which look as detailed and have better painjobs, unfortunately they don't have the Mark VII in their line. So overall this LSF statue is a nice piece but it really like in the details and you have to be really lucky to get a "good one" since there are a lot of flawed items around which have cracks and really bad paintjobs. At least on mine I don't have cracks or completely "dull" paint areas. Also the red color is not as "candy apple" as on the prototype picturs which doesnt bother me too much but i understand everyone who hesits of buying this piece. I'll keep it for sure since shipping this massive statue around the globe is just too risky.

Lot more photos after the jump.