Friday, December 23, 2011

Detolf and Dioder LED strips

Just got my first christmas present this year - another detolf to put the collection in. And the best - my girlfriend got it for me. Didn't expect that! *cheers*

In addition I got the Dioder LED stripes and mounted them in the glass cabinet. I had no lightning in the first detolf, so I was curious if this product for about 40 USD will be worth aynthing.

You get 4 LED stripes that you can put on each level of the detolf. The three on each level you have to fit under the glass shelves and tilt them downwards a bit. 

The fourth you put on the ceiling diagonally. The cable management can be a bit of a pain but with some scotch tape you can fit them along the metal rods. 

The four cables plugin to the power converter outside of the detolf, where you fit the converter with some more tape on the upper or backside. In the best case you have something on your cabinet that hides the little converter. In my case I got the huge and heavy Queen facehugger by Sideshow collectibles.

Then you run the rest of the convertable to your power plug along the outer side.

DONE and it looks awesome.  Even from far away.


Promotheus Trailer Premiere

Finally it's here - the official Promotheus Trailer. Check it out on iTunes:

Link to Promotheus Trailer

Seems we got the Space Jockeys in there. Can't wait - Ridley Scott bring it on.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Alien Enterprises AvP Genocide Model Kit video presentation

Here's an overview on the rare Alien Enterprises Genocide AvP Model kit. Enjoy. Let me know if you have any more details on the kit.