Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1/6 custom velvet cape for Batman DX12 by lforigno

Got a fresh custom piece in for modification of the rather bad original cape that Hot Toys delivered with their DX12. The custom cape is made by Lance also known as "lforigno" on the web - you can look up his offers on different custom cape variants on eBay - just check it here.

So this lforigno cape dresses up your 1/6 DX Batmann in a more fitting and movie accurate way than the original cape. On the outside you get a perfect velvet fabric, where it is on the inside in a more plain / matte fabric. The weight of the fabric give it a quite realistic loose hanging look..

What you don't get with the lforigno cape are the little clips that come with the original cap. So the installation of the cape isn't easier than with the original cape. Because of the thickness of the custom cape it holds pretty good when putting the fabric deep enough in the shoulder sockets.

You can get the cape for about 25 USD shipped - if you aren't happy with the stock cape this is definately a good investment.

Now let's take a look at some photos:

Friday, October 26, 2012

Suggestions of 1/6 stuff you want me to review?

Hey fellas

Been some time, just wanted to give a lifesign on this blog. I'm quite busy after recovering from surgery and free time for our passions is a bit sparse. Right now no big 1/6 releases seem to hit the shelves (maybe HT Iron Monger next month) , so I thought why not to ask my audience if you have special wishes of stuff you want me to review. Just comment down below and bring up some ideas. But please don't name Star Wars pieces - I just don't wanna get soaked back into a Star Wars hype because of some recent figs...somehow I quit with the franchise and this is probably the best right now - collecting Star Wars stuff is a neverending story. :)

My friend Alex of Toyhaven puts up lots of 1/6 news, there are interesting pieces on the horizon besides the regular Hot Toys stuff. Maybe you want me to review stuff of smaller companies, like Asmus toys - they are putting out some fresh 1/6 outfits (like the Avengers Tony Stark casual outfit for example).

Just let me know and I'll be happy to get after your wishes.

Signing out and laters. :-)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Hot Toys DX12 Batman The Dark Knight Rises 1/6 - Video Review and final opinion

Well guys, it took me some time but after inspecting lots of details on the figure and getting some feedback on my photos it's time to show you the figure in motion. Check my in depth analysis of some issues and a brief unboxing with some of my opinions.

Also I want to thank my new friends on the One Sixth Republic facebook group page, if you readers of the blog are interested to join - just check the page, all you need is a FB account. It's a great community and ever growing.

Though I think some peops of the Sideshow freaks forums are overexaggerating on some minor problems pf the figure I still thank you all for all your feedback. Some of the poses look bad in my recent photos, but I way never the big posing fan either. :-)

Now enjoy the video - it's lenghty but I cover quite a lot of major things:

Hot Toys DX12 Batman The Dark Knight Rises 1/6 - Photo Review Part 2

Little update on this figure. In my post yesterday I had some complaints on the cape. Still the clip mechanism isn't great, but you have to make sure the clip fits deep into the shoulder armor socket. It makes the hole cap attachment better.

Also I had some negative feedback that the abs are "oily", which from what I've heard was a big problem with DX02. The photos in the recent post showed the left abs a bit more shinier thann the other half - this was just because of the lighting setup I use. Tried to capure some more photos to show it better that you don't have to fear anything:

More photos after the jump.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hot Toys DX12 Batman The Dark Knight Rises 1/6 - Photo Review

Attention: Video review follows as soon as possible...

Another big day in 1/6 scale collecting history - the arrival of Hot Toys DX12 Batman The Dark Knight Rises. 

I don't own the DX02 , so I can't compare it to this. But you know wat: actually I'm just happy owning this new DX12 now, since I always wanted a full armored 1/6 Batman besides the smooth Batman Begins suit.

Let's start out with some various photos:

Sculpt and tailoring wise most of the figure is top quality. Some things could have used a bit more polishing, but it's all in the details. The overall impression is very good,

The good

  • Amazing Bale likeness and in my opinion a lot better than last years Toyfair exclusive, you get a realistic aged looking Bale with super skin texturing
  • Lots of cool accessories, like a redesigned grapple gun, interchangeable faces, an EMP gun with an LED light up function and of course a beautiful diorama base
  • Superb tailoring on the suit - mixed media and no rubber suit anymore. The 2011 exclusive figure feels like a cheaply made figure next to this - I'm happy how Hot Toys pulled this off on the new DX12 and you even get good articulation out of it

The bad

  • the new PERS system is hidden in the mask and you can only reach it with a little tool you get with the figure. I'm okay with the solution but if the PERS gets damaged you won't have a chance to repair it or replace it
  • The cape. Not a big fan of it yet. The clip-on mechanism feels just not right. Also the cape fabric quality could be a bit better - at least it looks good on the figure and floats ok
  • the price tag: I got the figure early from HK so I paid bit more, and at the moment I find it hard to justify even 250 USD for these figs ( I paid about 320 USD). It isn't as original as earlier DX releases - that's probably the reason I feel that way.

Check out a comparison to Hot Toys Toyfair Batman Begins Exclusive 2011 Bale:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hot Toys Avengers Hawekeye 1/6 - Photo and video review

Today I received the second (or third if you take the Mark VI re-release) figure of Hot Toys in their Avengers line - Hawekeye. I was never totally thrilled about the character and the figure. But after having seen the movie I definately started to like the character bit more. Actually, I was neither a big Fan of Jeremy Renner - he's a fine actor but no big emotions with him. At least Renner did a good job on representing the superhero in the movie I thought.