Sunday, July 29, 2018

Hot Toys Groot & Rocket - Avengers: Infinity War - 1/6 MMS476 - photo and video review

Finally I could kickoff the Hot Toys Avengers Infinity War collection: and what could be better than having two Guardians of the Galaxy first? Check out photos and a video review on the Groot & Rocket set. It's nut without debate since the Rocket figure is a plain re-issue from the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 release at the start of 2018. I see some tiny paint differences on the teeth color, but this might just a variance within the factory production.

Want this set as well? Buy yours at Sideshow Collectibles:

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Sideshow Predator 1 Jungle Hunter maquette - repaint and resculpted headsculpt

I received the Sideshow Predator 1 Jungle Hunter maquette already some months ago and decided to go give it also a repaint job as I did with my Predator 2 maquette (read about it here). Again I decided to involve my friend, pro-painter & Predator-collector Neny Dee for a repaint of the unmasked headsculpt - it turned out phenomenal. The base and armor I repainted by myself with acrylic paint - lot's of drybrushing and for the base I went for a wet & moody look by introducing clear acrylic paint on misc. parts (leaves, the little creak in the center).

The stock version of Sideshow is still available on their website. I can heavily recommend it, the sculpt is great and if you're OK with the factory paint you'll definitely like it as well in the normal state.

Enjoy a video tour of the repaint and lots of pictures below:

Comparison of the biomask - left is the original one:

Comparison photos with the Predator 2 city hunter repainted headsculpt: