Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hot Toys Mark II Armor unleashed video review

Hi guys, hope you're having a good time. Something completely fresh today. Check out my video review of the Hot Toys Mark II armor unleashed figure - sorry didn't go for the exclusive.

A must-have for any iron man collector!

Some sort of short review:

The positive:
  • A definite chrome-look as paint application, not greyish and also not silverish. Check out the video for seeing all the reföections on the body. Of course its no where as shiny as the movie counterpart, but it will stand out in your Iron Man collection for sure
  • Huge lot of parts and accessories, there's so much stuff to discover on this figure
  • Light up feature works like a charm and is real bright
  • Cool box - like it a lot more than the Iron man 2 Line, classy look
  • In my opinion still a very good Don Cheadle face sculpt, slightly different from the war machine one (at least on mine, see the video)
The negative:
  • definately the cardboard table - it's only a throw-in, nothing durable, but in the end Hot Toys did what they could in time, money and especially regarding to the limited box space
And for closing a more in depth look in moving frames:

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