Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to support this site:
donations & sideshow affiliate program

Hi my dear blog readers and followers

On the following subject I want to very honest with you:

This site is run privately and at the moment I got no sponsorship going on. So all the stuff I get in and review is part of my own collection and paid by my own earned money. When I got into reviewing and started doing video and photo presentations of the collection there were some bigger asset costs to be made.

The invested money went into building this site and buying equipment for reviewing. The big part I invest is actually in taking my free time to get the things out to you, this is definately supported on just my true passion for this hobby.

In the long term I definately want to continue doing high quality posts and develop this site. So to cover some of the running costs of this project I thought why not do setup and intoduce you to the following means to help out:

  1. Setting up a PayPal donation button:
    With the following button I give you the option to do a donation to my site. Just a click and you get to a Paypal site where you'll send money to my e-mail address - it's safe & secure, a 100%.


    There is of course no must at all - but any donation of anyone of you out there is much much appreciated. When I get the chance to do a little give-away the people who donated definately will be in the raffle. You'll find this donation button across all the site and in any blog post - so keep an eye out for it if you think that some content was worth your time and maybe a little donation.

  2. Sideshow collectibles affiliate program
    Spread across my blog you'll come across differenct product banners of Sideshow Collectibles. Sideshow has a great affiliate program going on. So if you click on these banners and end up buying something on Sideshow I'll get about 5& of commission on this deal when its completed.

    So if there are any people out there who buy often on Sideshow Collectibles then you definately can support this site when doing it over my site

    For example you could check out their upcoming offer on the new Real Steel 1/1 bust:

    Atom Life Size Bust
Thank you very much for your support and
continued interested in my work,


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