Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hot Toys Avengers Hawekeye 1/6 - Photo and video review

Today I received the second (or third if you take the Mark VI re-release) figure of Hot Toys in their Avengers line - Hawekeye. I was never totally thrilled about the character and the figure. But after having seen the movie I definately started to like the character bit more. Actually, I was neither a big Fan of Jeremy Renner - he's a fine actor but no big emotions with him. At least Renner did a good job on representing the superhero in the movie I thought.

So what about this Hot Toys release?
The inital photos of the Hot Toys figure didn't blow me out of the water either. But after having started the line with getting Nick Fury I just had to get Hawkeye as well. And this line probably will continue this way. Don't get me wrong. All of them look like very good releases, but besides Hulk no figure totally got my hyped yet.

This time you get a purple colored box - totally in line with the first boxes of Avengers Edition Mark VI and Nick Fury. Nothing special - but if you love to display boxes this one definately will stand out.

In terms of accessories you get the essentials: a bow, a second bow without string but foldable, a huge lot of arrows, a quiver, some pairs of hands and of your the sunglasses. What stood out were all the different arrow tips you can attach.

To sum it up check the positives and negatives below:

The good:

  • Nice tailoring on the outfit - especially the vest 
  • Very detailed assortment of arrow tips
  • Some top dynamic poses possible
  • Likeness to Renner is fine with me - about as much as with Nick / Samuel L. Jackson. 

The bad:

  • You're a brain surgeon? Then you probably will like this. Me not so: Sticking about 16 extremely thin arrows in the quiver will test all your skills. Just watch out and don't break anything here - definately take your time
  • Another lame thing is the alternative mounting / fitting method of attaching the quiver to the back via a mini clip that goes to the belt - I wasn't successful yet, throwed the piece back into the box as result
  • No alternate outfit, nor something else to enhance the look of the figure by some levels


  1. 'Hawkeye' does look great and i can't wait to get him in this month myself. No other figure from "The Avengers" outside of "The Hulk" has you excited, i suggest you take a closer look at 'Loki' my friend, because he looks simply amazing. In my opinion he's the best looking figure i've seen this year hands down.

    1. Thanks for commmenting! Yes, you're right. Loki I completey forgot, this will definately be a huuuge release. :-) See u!

  2. hey i wanna ask you how do u manage to stand him like that! i have spiderman 1/6 scale black suit and i cant manage to stand him ! like if u see black suit spiderman pics i cant make hime do like that i dont know how they manage it ,could u help pls