Friday, October 26, 2012

Suggestions of 1/6 stuff you want me to review?

Hey fellas

Been some time, just wanted to give a lifesign on this blog. I'm quite busy after recovering from surgery and free time for our passions is a bit sparse. Right now no big 1/6 releases seem to hit the shelves (maybe HT Iron Monger next month) , so I thought why not to ask my audience if you have special wishes of stuff you want me to review. Just comment down below and bring up some ideas. But please don't name Star Wars pieces - I just don't wanna get soaked back into a Star Wars hype because of some recent figs...somehow I quit with the franchise and this is probably the best right now - collecting Star Wars stuff is a neverending story. :)

My friend Alex of Toyhaven puts up lots of 1/6 news, there are interesting pieces on the horizon besides the regular Hot Toys stuff. Maybe you want me to review stuff of smaller companies, like Asmus toys - they are putting out some fresh 1/6 outfits (like the Avengers Tony Stark casual outfit for example).

Just let me know and I'll be happy to get after your wishes.

Signing out and laters. :-)

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