Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hot Toys DX12 Batman The Dark Knight Rises 1/6 - Photo Review

Attention: Video review follows as soon as possible...

Another big day in 1/6 scale collecting history - the arrival of Hot Toys DX12 Batman The Dark Knight Rises. 

I don't own the DX02 , so I can't compare it to this. But you know wat: actually I'm just happy owning this new DX12 now, since I always wanted a full armored 1/6 Batman besides the smooth Batman Begins suit.

Let's start out with some various photos:

Sculpt and tailoring wise most of the figure is top quality. Some things could have used a bit more polishing, but it's all in the details. The overall impression is very good,

The good

  • Amazing Bale likeness and in my opinion a lot better than last years Toyfair exclusive, you get a realistic aged looking Bale with super skin texturing
  • Lots of cool accessories, like a redesigned grapple gun, interchangeable faces, an EMP gun with an LED light up function and of course a beautiful diorama base
  • Superb tailoring on the suit - mixed media and no rubber suit anymore. The 2011 exclusive figure feels like a cheaply made figure next to this - I'm happy how Hot Toys pulled this off on the new DX12 and you even get good articulation out of it

The bad

  • the new PERS system is hidden in the mask and you can only reach it with a little tool you get with the figure. I'm okay with the solution but if the PERS gets damaged you won't have a chance to repair it or replace it
  • The cape. Not a big fan of it yet. The clip-on mechanism feels just not right. Also the cape fabric quality could be a bit better - at least it looks good on the figure and floats ok
  • the price tag: I got the figure early from HK so I paid bit more, and at the moment I find it hard to justify even 250 USD for these figs ( I paid about 320 USD). It isn't as original as earlier DX releases - that's probably the reason I feel that way.

Check out a comparison to Hot Toys Toyfair Batman Begins Exclusive 2011 Bale:


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  3. How early can you get figures from Hong Kong?