Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1/6 custom velvet cape for Batman DX12 by lforigno

Got a fresh custom piece in for modification of the rather bad original cape that Hot Toys delivered with their DX12. The custom cape is made by Lance also known as "lforigno" on the web - you can look up his offers on different custom cape variants on eBay - just check it here.

So this lforigno cape dresses up your 1/6 DX Batmann in a more fitting and movie accurate way than the original cape. On the outside you get a perfect velvet fabric, where it is on the inside in a more plain / matte fabric. The weight of the fabric give it a quite realistic loose hanging look..

What you don't get with the lforigno cape are the little clips that come with the original cap. So the installation of the cape isn't easier than with the original cape. Because of the thickness of the custom cape it holds pretty good when putting the fabric deep enough in the shoulder sockets.

You can get the cape for about 25 USD shipped - if you aren't happy with the stock cape this is definately a good investment.

Now let's take a look at some photos:

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  1. I can't imagine the scene when Batman will be wearing a Velvet cape! But it is looking nice, at least on a dummy. Though velvet is getting used in clothes so it was obvious to happen someday. Nice post Xenom. You've showed a creative side of yours.