Friday, October 12, 2012

Hot Toys DX12 Batman The Dark Knight Rises 1/6 - Video Review and final opinion

Well guys, it took me some time but after inspecting lots of details on the figure and getting some feedback on my photos it's time to show you the figure in motion. Check my in depth analysis of some issues and a brief unboxing with some of my opinions.

Also I want to thank my new friends on the One Sixth Republic facebook group page, if you readers of the blog are interested to join - just check the page, all you need is a FB account. It's a great community and ever growing.

Though I think some peops of the Sideshow freaks forums are overexaggerating on some minor problems pf the figure I still thank you all for all your feedback. Some of the poses look bad in my recent photos, but I way never the big posing fan either. :-)

Now enjoy the video - it's lenghty but I cover quite a lot of major things:


  1. At 2:12 it's the blueprint for The Bat, not Tumbler.

    1. Hey Jim, you're toally right there...small confusion while shooting the unboxing, too much excitement it seems. :-) Thanks for watching. - Andre