Sunday, September 30, 2012

1/6 Kitbash Commissioner Gordon (Batman) - my first attempt

Here's my first serious attempt on a kitbash. I decided to customize a 1/6 Commissioner Gordon with the latest Hot Toys Lt. Jim Gordon figure as base. You will need to invest in some new custom clothes to get a decent result.

Because I didn't go for the Iminime Gordon custom (was far too pricey), I tried to hunt down some fitting custom 1/6 clothes to get an appropriate look.

First the kitbash results in pictures and video:

After the jump you'll find all details to get this look done.

Commissioner Gordon custom kitbash:

To build an appropriate Commissioner Gordon look you'll need:
  • the awesome Hot toys Gary Oldman / Lt. Jim Gordon headsculpt from the exclusive toyfairs 2012 release and of your own selection on 2 hands and the normal glasses 
  • a second body, a narrow shoulder will fit perfectly - you can go with the expensive one by hot toys with a textured skin , but in this case the "bootleg" narrow shoulder of headplay will do the job as well (since there's no visible skin). Get it from ebay, here for example: narrow shoulder by headplay
  • the brown suit I used is the "Detective Somerset suit" by asmustoys - check the homepage of asmustoys - order went smoothly: direct link to the shop - you'll get the brown jacket and pants, a beige shirt, a dark but patterned tie, black glossy shoes and of course the belt
  • then search a fitting trenchcoat - i didn't found a matching and movie accurate brown coat (like in the Nolan movies and on the exceptional Iminime Gordon custom ) , so i decided to go more into the animates series direction and bough the Wildtoys khaki trenchcoat , you can find it on eBay
Small reference to the 90's animated series Commissioner:

So you definately get a fitting outfit for a commissioner with investing about 50 USD for custom clothes and of course some big money for the Hot Toys headsculpt or full SWAT figure.

If you went for the SWAT Lt. Jim Gordon figure of Hot Toys you get even more possibilties with setting up a second figure for Gordon - a generic Gotham Police department SWAT member. To get this done, you need:

Gotham Police department SWAT member kitbash

  • a narrow 1/6 headsculpt without sculpted hair . I went for the headplay Dwayne Johnson head . You'll find this everywhere on eBay. It was a blind buy but I was lucky since it fits perfectly to the SWAT helmet (that you can't fit on the HT Gordon headsculpt - so there it's just a prop). 
  • a black balaclava -like this one eBay: click - this eBay seller also sells the Wild Toys trenchcoat

I'm quite happy about the outcome - and hopefully we will see a proper Gary Oldman Commissioner Gordon from the final movie of the Nolan trilogy - The Dark Knight rises - produced by Hot Toys. But until then this kitbash will have to suffice.

Doing some kitbashing on your 1/6 figures is quite cool and much fun since you get lots of possibilities. Try it out for yourself to get even more pleasure this hobby. :-)


  1. Bro..thanks for sharing how you got those outfit and it helps us a lot especially for the trenchcoat..

    1. Thanks for checking in and your comment Desmond. Let's what my next kitbash could be! Cheers and have a nice Sunday.