Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hot Toys Iron Monger 1/6 - Iron Man - photo review

The monger has arrived. Pre-ordered over a year a go - and finally got it in hand. Totally incredible! I never had that much fun unboxing and setting up a 1/6 figure. This Iron Monger by Hot Toys is a mechanical beast.

Some photos right after the unboxing:

Monger in full glory:

My conclusion on the figure you'll find right after the jump.

The good

  • Incredible size: The monger is almost double the size of a HT Iron man figure. You can extend the feet a bit to get him even some more height. I'm definately happy with the outcome and never was sure if Hot Toys could pull this off correctly - but they did!
  • Extremely well sculpted mechanical parts: Its amazing to see all the pipes and ankles work together when "playing" with this monster
  • the paint application is spot on and has lots of different metallic colors going on: from gray, to silver and even to copper looking plating
  • Very good likeness of Obadiah Stane / Jeff bridges, nice texturing of skin and facial hair
  • Articulation is surprisingly good and you get quite some ranges with the arms, and I love those huge 4-fingered hands - menacing
  • Light up feature rocks - helmet, arc reactor, hands and light spots at the arms
  • safely packaged with styrofoam and a cool boxart in blueprint style

The bad

  • not much guys, what I'd love is a second body for Obi Stane to put the head on - that would be great. But in the end you can put the head on any 1/6 body - and there's even a matching figure by Soldier Story called "Man in suit" which has already a good Stane headsculpt with it (but not as good as the new Hot Toys version)

Now enjoy all the photos:


  1. Thanks for sharing. I have viewed countless pictures of this on forums and sites, but I don't know why, your videos and pics have convinced me to get this piece. :)

  2. The proportion of Jeff Bridges 1/6 figure in relation to the Iron Monger is correct, however, Hot Toys should have pushed his head higher up so that his head would fit into the Monger's head. The reason hot Toys position his head lower is due to the fact that they need to light up the Monger's eyes with a LED which is located inside the head.