Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hot Toys Iron Monger 1/6 - Iron Man - photo review

The monger has arrived. Pre-ordered over a year a go - and finally got it in hand. Totally incredible! I never had that much fun unboxing and setting up a 1/6 figure. This Iron Monger by Hot Toys is a mechanical beast.

Some photos right after the unboxing:

Monger in full glory:

My conclusion on the figure you'll find right after the jump.

The good

  • Incredible size: The monger is almost double the size of a HT Iron man figure. You can extend the feet a bit to get him even some more height. I'm definately happy with the outcome and never was sure if Hot Toys could pull this off correctly - but they did!
  • Extremely well sculpted mechanical parts: Its amazing to see all the pipes and ankles work together when "playing" with this monster
  • the paint application is spot on and has lots of different metallic colors going on: from gray, to silver and even to copper looking plating
  • Very good likeness of Obadiah Stane / Jeff bridges, nice texturing of skin and facial hair
  • Articulation is surprisingly good and you get quite some ranges with the arms, and I love those huge 4-fingered hands - menacing
  • Light up feature rocks - helmet, arc reactor, hands and light spots at the arms
  • safely packaged with styrofoam and a cool boxart in blueprint style

The bad

  • not much guys, what I'd love is a second body for Obi Stane to put the head on - that would be great. But in the end you can put the head on any 1/6 body - and there's even a matching figure by Soldier Story called "Man in suit" which has already a good Stane headsculpt with it (but not as good as the new Hot Toys version)

Now enjoy all the photos: