Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hot Toys DX13 Terminator 2 - T-800 battle damaged version 1/6 preview

Just amazing news yesterday , finally Hot Toys got around and announced this awesome Terminator 2 T800 fully battle damaged Terminator figure.

It tooks them some time but it seems all the waiting and hoping of fans will pay off. There isn't much more that you can wish for, especially the damaged headsculpts look fantastic. If you go for the exclusive you even get a second T-1000 liqud metal portrait.

Normally I don't promote pieces in an early preview phase, but this could be worth it. So if you want to cut a deal, you might wanna pick it up at Sideshow Collectibles - release summer 2013.

The only bummer in my opinion: It's a bit of money making of Hot Toys doing 2 different DX releases on the same figure. First DX10 some weeks ago, now the announcement of the new one. Both together including also the accessories of the first MMS T2 Arnie would have been a dream come true.

But don't pass this one up - finally we get what we always wanted.

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