Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hot Toys DX10 T-800 - Terminator 2 photo and video review

Finally got the DX10 by Hot Toys, which is the T2 T800 Cyberdyne version. And I have to admit that the headsculpt grew on my the past hours after having the figure in hand.

Enjoy the video review in the second segment of my youtube video and many more photos (at 5:00 min):

One of the best angles:

For comparison:

The good

  • Awesome real leather outfit
  • PERS works like a charm and from certain eye positions it definately helps make the headsculpt look more Arnie-like
  • Damn awesome accessories like all the guns and the endoskeleton skull feature with brainchip
  • better articulation than the MMS T2 T800 from some years ago

The bad

  • the base has no real movie inspired background, though the LED light up feature works well
  • head can't be placed on the first MMS T2 T800 body


  1. Agree with you bro!! the outfit and weapons are awesome!!

  2. in terms of head sculpt, which is better, MMS T2 T-800 or this version.
    Also overall which do you prefer if you could only get one?

    1. Hey buddy, thanks for your question and checking out my blog. Just subbed your blog yesterday, hope to see more! For your question: I'd go for the DX10 sculpt - I'm liking it better now after it grew on me. :-) Overall definately the DX10, the acceessories are nicer, body is better built and the clothes are real leather. Cheers :)