Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hot Toys Predators Noland 1/6 - video and photo review

Fast pickup from a local dealer - only 120 USD, couldn't pass this one up. It's Noland from the Predators movie, 1/6 scale figure by Hot Toys.

Never planned on getting this one, but somehow I'm actually quite happy I did pick it up in the end. Was quite some fun setting up and it has lots of cool parts.

Check out my video review and then enjoy some photos:

My conclusion on the figure and lots of more photos you'll find right after the jump.

The good

  • Cool armor parts which fit perfectly on the body
  • Realistic clothing - with a sweaty and dirty look
  • Nice weapons, from a awesome painted bone club to a a huge sci-fi rifle (gotta love it)
  • paint application and texturing of the headsculpt (check out the acne scars)

The bad

  • the likeness is just okay, but nowhere as perfect as other sculpts - but you definately recognize Laurence Fishburne as the character

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