Friday, August 1, 2014

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 - Workshop Accessories set 1/6 ACS002

I got myself the Hot Toys Iron Man 3 workshop accessories set, directly from Hong Kong. First of all: It's way overpriced at over 120 USD but I still had the urge to get it as it seems I got to be a bit of a completionist.

Enjoy my youtube video review and some photos including comments:

The set itself consists of different accessories for your Iron Man collections. Some parts are recylced and some are totally new. So for example the blueprints and the magazines are completey new stuff and not the same pieces as with workshop Tony. For better display reasons I put the workshop Tony figure next to it, since for example you get 2 biceps gauntlets with the set that I attached to the figure.

The sliced helmet has also been in the Red Snapper exclusive which I didnt got and thus this helmet variant was one of the main reasons to get it. Unfortunately the piece itself feels a bit too plasticy and too light. Definately cool is the car battery and it has very good paintups and the battery cable connectors  (rust like).

Then there is the circle shaped LED light up base for either putting on your other Iron Man helmet or you can cover the light up surface with the Iron man 3 Movie logo. It's a neat touch, unfortunately the contacts for the 3 batteries inside the base are bit weak and sometimes my light flickrs. You got to screw it really tight. So in general this set is definately overpriced and Hot Toys is continuing milking us poor Iron Man collectors. I hope that I could help you a bit whether to go with the set or not.

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