Saturday, October 4, 2014

Stoney's 1/6 acrylic stands - custom display option for your biomasks, helmets and headsculpts

You probably all know this situation: Getting a cool figure with multiple portraits / headsculpts or masked / helmeted variants - but only one body and clothing set with it. Most of the time the precious alternative portraits find a place in a item box and get stored up - but instead you want to have them displayed next to the main portrait. This is were Stoney's stand will help you a lot. Patrick Stoneberger has a great custom product going on - custom hand made acrylic stands for 1/6 but also for 1/4 stuff. Please head over to his facebook page to find some more information and if you want to place an order: Stoney's stands on facbeook

I had lots of spare Predator biomasks stored in my boxes and after having seen photos Stonebergers stands I was amazed. We got into contact and he worked me out a super deal on 4 display stands for my predator pieces. You can have them in different heights, so I got myself some taller ones and some lower ones. And even better - as a throw and sign of appreciation on my youtube work he sent me out a headsculpt stand for my latest T800 Battle damaged figure.

More info and photos after the jump.

It's all hand made out of high quality and high translucent acryl - looking at them from the front is amazing since the light just blazes through and the edges he worked out very good. With the predator stands you get a special top piece that holds in place perfect for masks that have the jaw build it. If you have something which has not the same connector structure just tell Stoney and he will definately try to customize a fitting holder for your. In any case you can get yourself some bluetack and attach those pieces to the stands. There's only one minor flaw: Since its all handmade and handglued you'll see a bit of glue fogging going on between base and the stand where its glued together - its a chemical reaction that you can't really avoid. But it's almsot not noticeable..

Enjoy some photos on his great product line. I'll definately get more stands for my Iron Man helmets to have them proudly presented. And a short video as overview:

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