Sunday, February 3, 2013

DAM Toys - Pointman GMC Lake Navy Seal 1/6 - Tears of the Sun

I want to show off something different today and change the usual review cycles a bit:

DAM Toys is upping their track record with the recent releases on Tears of the Sun figures. Altough they haven't an official license covering their line of figs its undeniable of which movie the figures come from. DAM started out with lots of different military figures and recently got into movies that cover the war theme. A huge effort in the past was their line on Black Hawk Down figures.

Tears of the sun was quite a good war movie and I def. liked the characters in there. So I thought I'd give the first figure in the line of DAM Toys "Navy seal recon team in Nigeria 2003" a try: GMC Lake or the pointman / scout of the unit.

Check this blog post with a short written review, some photos and a video review on GMC Lake.

The good

  • authentic accessories and weapons, lots of very detailed stuff: earpiece for the radio, lovely detailed shotcun shells, a canteen
  • Very good likeness of Johnny Messner as GMC Lake in Tears of the sun

The bad

  • A bit unexpected for me: You have to put on the straps and equipment all by yourself - no manual included, can be a bit tedious with the straps and the different belts - just take your time
  • the body that DAM uses works quite well, but it could be a bit more realistic in terms of texturing and surface applications - just hard plastic
All covered in a video review, here:

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