Saturday, February 16, 2013

Flirty Girl Tomb Raider / Lara Croft set on Phicen medium bust body 1/6

Again something different - I present you the Flirty Girl Lara Croft character set on a Phicen medium bust special body. The set is sold by the identification name: "FCS2012-2"

Follow me through a quick review with some photos.

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The character set is quite nice but a bit costly as well. You get it all incl. headsculpt in little box. The body isn't included so choose wisely - I went for a Phicen medium bust special tan version . As recommended by Chad from SMcG customs, if you want a set for yourself and search for fitting phicen bodies check out his website .

This is the body on an official Phicen photo:

By the way: I just saw that my friend Alex from toyhaven put up a review on this as well - check it out here.

My opinion on the set and the phicen body:

The good

  • Definately liking the Angelina headsculpt - it might look a bit comicish from some angles but there is no doubt who this character is, in the end this set mixes up elements from the game version with the acress. Lips and eyes have a superb shine to them and you see a lot of little paint accents
  • The dress parts you get with this set are tailored nicely and fit perfect for the body. 
  • Accessory wise you get an awesome backpack and two pistols, the pistols look like those Angelina Jolie had in "wanted"

The bad

  • Putting on the straps is a very tideous task, took me about 2 hours all in all. 
  • Watch these phicen bodies, they can be very delicate and seem to break easily if you try to rotate ankles the wrong way - other than that these seamless bodies are perfect for display figs showing more skin - maybe the could ease out the nipples on the breats a bit....they are a bit prominent. :)

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  1. i liked the seamless body..looks great with this set :)