Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hot Toys Predator 2 - City Hunter 1/6 - photo and video review

Finally - after about 3 years being in Hot Toys collecting I got my hands on a Predator 2 piece. The City Hunter. Enjoy the photos and check out my opinion on this figure.

The good

  • with the mask on you def. the the real Predator 2 feel form this figure
  • gotta love that paint application on the body, head paint application looks sweet as well
  • sturdy body and the ankles seem a bit tighter than on classic predator
  • lots of accessories - for example you get two breathing masks, one for attaching to the head, and one for holiding in the hands, other stuff is great as well: Smart disc, combi-stick, net gun, a skull, the articulated medpack and a bloody human skull 

The bad

  • You definately see the roots of the hot toys classic predator in the headsculpt of this figure when unsmasked - the jawline looks modificated with the new mandibles but the overall the sculpt still says "classic pred" -  luckily you get all vibrant colors of the city hunter on the headsculpt that without a doubt says "predator 2" again
  • Some equipment like the medi pack could have been painted bit better, but its no thing major here
  • I didn't expected that: this is probably the first hot toys figure where I wished more gripping hands! You don't get a left gripping hand, although for some poses with the spear it would have bee helpful

All covered in a video review, here:


  1. nice sculpt the figure has....

  2. Yeah, it looks like Hot Toys has used the Classic Pred head sculpt, & then added a few ridges to the crown of the head. It's a shame they took this short cut, because the head shape is one of this Predator's defining features.

    The Predator line is one of Hot Toys' cash cows, so it's strange that Hot Toys would take such a gamble on this figure, especially considering how passionate many of its fans are.

    Everything else with this figure is stellar though, hence why I'll be picking one up, that, and the fact that I will be displaying him mask on.