Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hot Toys Predator 2 - City Hunter 1/6 - photo and video review

Finally - after about 3 years being in Hot Toys collecting I got my hands on a Predator 2 piece. The City Hunter. Enjoy the photos and check out my opinion on this figure.

The good

  • with the mask on you def. the the real Predator 2 feel form this figure
  • gotta love that paint application on the body, head paint application looks sweet as well
  • sturdy body and the ankles seem a bit tighter than on classic predator
  • lots of accessories - for example you get two breathing masks, one for attaching to the head, and one for holiding in the hands, other stuff is great as well: Smart disc, combi-stick, net gun, a skull, the articulated medpack and a bloody human skull 

The bad

  • You definately see the roots of the hot toys classic predator in the headsculpt of this figure when unsmasked - the jawline looks modificated with the new mandibles but the overall the sculpt still says "classic pred" -  luckily you get all vibrant colors of the city hunter on the headsculpt that without a doubt says "predator 2" again
  • Some equipment like the medi pack could have been painted bit better, but its no thing major here
  • I didn't expected that: this is probably the first hot toys figure where I wished more gripping hands! You don't get a left gripping hand, although for some poses with the spear it would have bee helpful

All covered in a video review, here: