Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hot Toys Bane 1/6 - TDKR - photo review

Hi guys, I'm back from christmas break. Hope you had an awesome start in 2013 and are charged up for a new and awesome year of collecting.

Hot Toys also did a break it seems - but I was quite relieved that we could rest a bit over xmas. Now the train of releases won't stop and after getting Bane in hand the new Hot Toys DX Series The Joker DX 2.0 got released in Hong Kong as well. The prices seem a bit ridiculous on this right now, so I'll have to wait and see how I get my first Heath Ledger figure.

Now for the actual subject of this blog pos - the magnificent Bane of Hot Toys. After having seen the prototype photos I was unsure but seeing the first in hand photos last week I just had to buy it - and yes, it's a damn good figure.

As usual a video review will follow at the weekend, but before that enjoy some photos and a short review in text form.

The good

  • Awesome likeness of Tom Hardy as Bane in 1/6 - look at the veins on the head, the expression in the eys - also the Mask looks damn good
  • the body and muscle structure is quite cool and on the rubber party of torso you get the scarring on the back all the way down - he could have been a bit more bulkier around chest and trapezius muscles , but its alright for me, so at least you get the coat on ;-)
  • tailoring is top notch: coat, vest,  and the pants - seems all almost pretty accurate, only the brown shirt isnt that movie like i think
  • The base is a nice addition and something different to the usual standard - I'm also liking the damaged Batman mask with the water pearling details on

The bad

  • you know the little clip buttons Hot Toys used on the captain america hoody? these are all over here on the vest and at the coat to hold the collar down - one of the collar buttons just broke the moment I wanted to stick the collar back to the coat - the pin of the button just flew away. The buttons on the backside of the vest are more durable though
  • the straps to fasten the vest and the attached sash are a pain in the *** if you want to remove the vest and get the brown shirt - its time consuming and annoying , so take your take and patience


  1. Always appreciate your excellent photos and comments.
    Can't wait until this guy lands stateside! Thanks for making the wait easier!

  2. Nice photos taken of the figure!!

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