Saturday, December 22, 2012

Asmus Toys Avengers Tony Stark casual clothing set - photo and video review

Finally got the Asmus Toys casual clothing set for Avengers Tony Stark in hand. For 25 USD shipped its a nice addition to your Iron Man 1/6 collection. Enjoy some photos and a short review. I Put the suit on a bootleg Truetype narrow shoulder body. And the headsculpt is the one of the Mark IV - original HT. The neck could be a tad longer with this new shirt, but its still ok. Also I used the suitcase from the Hot Toys Mark V figure as a fitting addition to the suit.

The good

  • Awesome black sabbath print on the shirt from their 1978 Tour to "Never say die", also the shirt is made of quality material
  • Cool metal made bracelets that Tony wears in the movie to call the Mark VII suit - love it that Asmus paid that attention to detail and gave us this

The bad

  • actually there should be 2 separated shirts - Asmus decided to do one piece out of the 2 (grey and black) - if you want them separated you can go for the custom suit by MC Toys - which is 10 USD more expensive
  • the biggest bummer on this figure are the shoes - the style and look could be movie accurate (not sure, I rewatched the movie but you never see the shoes in full picture) - but the quality is just bad. A plain plastic piece.
Short video review and best wishes to my subscribers:

Now a manufacturer or customizing company has to bring up the Mark VII capsule. That would be awesome!

Movie reference photo:


  1. Great job there, my dear Xenomorph. Will you be getting the set from MC Toys to make a comparison? It seems this Asmus Toys version got some flaws on the Colantotte bracelet and plastic-ky leather shoes.