Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hot Toys Captain America 1/6 - The Avengers - photo and video review

We have to start out with a photo - words can't describe this hot toys figure enough guys:

I'm totally excited holding this fig in hand - it's quite unbelieavable seeing this headsculpt for myself. Chris Evans all the way! Check the following video review, my conclusion and lots more on Hot Toys latest Avengers figure release.

The good

  • SPOT on likeness with the masked variant of the headsculpt, the unmasked variant isn't bad either (but looking at pictures of the rescue version I'd prefer that one...not the unmasked of Avengers Cap)
  • awesome, awesome tailoring on the suit, check out the details on the fabric
  • Different hand sculpts give you quite some variation
  • two shields, one clean and shiny, the other banged up and damaged

The bad

  • the hood is out of scale and I won't use it
  • the Alien rifle / weapon lacks of love and details, it's painted up quite bad - and its quite heavy for Cap to hold it
  • articulation isn't too extreme in the legs because of the tight outfit, but you can achieve some good poses at least

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  1. Bro, you received it already..I still waiting for mine :P