Saturday, August 18, 2012

Community Update - Favorite Youtube channels.

As you know I'm quite active on the tube. There's such a nice community around premium figure and statue collectors from all around the world.

At the moment I have a total 1/6th focus, so thats why I list you some cool and informative Youtube reviewers that you should check out. No priority or rating here, let's start with A to Z.

ansol2006 : Clean and paced presentations of latest Hot Toys and Sideshow stuff - to the point! In addition he also shares vids from conventions. And he has the same name as me. ;)

More recommendations and favorites after the jump (read more).

APPTECH26 : Must-have-seen collection - only the big and expensive stuff. 

averone007 : Endless shelves of Marvel statues, also custom made things. His collection rooms(!) must be his sanctuary. Digging his Wonder Woman Custom:

Dean Knight - Knight Vision : Well known in the community for his awesome photo montages and a very honest guy. Quality vids here!

EivomSeb2011 : I don't know why Sebastian took this nickname... :) But his channel brings us entertaining vids with him presenting and reviewing stuff, supported by his his buddy and sidekick Eric. Greetings to France! He even did a little credit vid to support my channel, just great.

Emarae : Emarae and his vids bring you great custom work on 1/6th figures. Any popular and even not so popular movie actor / character you can think of is in his collection. Nice and detailed presented - a good fella! Also lots of vids of recent Cons.

HotChixCoolToyReview : Ok...actually "MUST watch" should be enough here. Jay & Wendy are doing phaenomenal work on their channel, a pro-like concept and setup. So much passion and love for the detail. Like the short animated intros - can't believe how much time they must put in this.

Lilboy sWeat : Straight Aussie guy. His last channel got deleted, so lets give his new channel some audience and get him some subscribers again. Can't thank him enough for his kind comments.

Masterreplicasguy : In depth reviews and entertaining vlogs (Answer Time :) ). Thanks for your support on the tube.

mrlicudown99 : So this guy definately likes to talk. Which is a good thing, he shares his opinions on latest events in the 1/6h world - also likes to get into some discussions and knows to critize, always entertaining to listen. You have to check out his life-size Freddy Krueger:

NenyDee73 : A fellow Swiss collector and pretty new to the Youtube Community , but brings years of experience in collecting and customizing latest movie collectibles. Credits to him!

one6scale : Carlos is a veteran collector from the US. And he definately knows his passion - huge assortment of 1/6 stuff, also some more uncommon figs in his collection. And probably one of the biggest Superman franchise fan. :)

RobotOnLine : I think RobotOnLine was one of the reviewers I got first in contact with on the tube. His professional reviews on carefully picked stuff actually soaked me into this and shortly after I started doing own vids. There are not much updates on his channel, but when there's a new vid its pure quality.

tedan628 : You have to check out his unboxing - no idea what he's doing with all his huge boxes, but the must now use most of the free space in his flat (but well...ain't we all have the prob when keeping the boxes? :) ). Check out his cinemaquette Predator, awesome.

TheClipperKing : Famous british youtube reviewer for Hot Toys stuff. Very in depth and lenghty reviews - if you need the details on a fig then sub to his channel. Also he knows how to bring the community online connected all around the world.

That's the end folks. At least at the moment. I'll definately want to update the list from time to time. And please don't be angry if your channel isn't listed yet - just let me know.

Here's the vlog on this blog post:

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