Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A peek into "The art of the Avengers" & release Samurai Predator by HT

Hey guys, quick update today: After the phenomenal Dark Knight Manual i ordered "The art of the Avengers" - also a great companion to any superhereo collection.

Check the vid out:

And a very HOT news: The Hot Toys Samurai Predator is finally being released in HK. First inhand photos are popping up everywhere, like here on Facebook by OMG:

OMG's Photo album of the Samurai Pred by Hot Toys

Seems like a bomb release with sculpt and paint by two famous heads in the scene:  Takayuki Takeya and Yuji Oniki . I couldn't resist anymore now and had to buy one directly.

See Sideshowtoys for a fair offer:

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