Monday, September 2, 2013

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 - Tony Stark MMS191 1/6 - photo review

US and European collectors can be happy - this first Iron Man 3 release by Hot Toys seem to ship the same time to your houses like the hong kong release. If you want it now a good source is Sideshow Collectibles.

This first figure in the line is the 1/6 Tony Stark subtitled "Mark XLII autonomous prehensile propulsion test suit version" - a complicated name but in the end it matches the movie scene where Tony tests his new main suit for the movie.

You get a lot of stuff in the huge box - so lets have first a look at some photos:

Before we go into the good - here a photo of something totally bad. The switch that should activate the arc reactor LED on the back of the figure is totally stuck. I had no chance moving it, even with a lot of force and a screwdriver. I thus contacted the customer service of Sideshow collectibles - hopefully they can help me out.

On the good side there's a lot from what I can tell for now: 

The good

  • amazing detailed stuff for the workbench of Tony: toolset, blueprints, Mark VII and Mark XLII parts (the suitcase on my photos is from the Mark V release, so not included here)
  • tailong is quite nice - you get 2 shirts
  • the headsculpt is fine - not perfect but about 80 - 90% Robert Downey Jr.
  • replacement parts work flawlessly - the armored arms are attached with a magnetic plate, so no fear of peg breaking
  • what really stands out is the huge base with light up feature - around 20 inches wide in diameter (52 cm) , you can detach all the parts around it to make it smaller
  • you even get a Jarvis robot on wheels for your diorama - it looks a bit like the one from the Iron Man I Mech Test Version, but having him on wheels it too cool
  • Tony Starks "google glass" fits properly - nice touch

The bad

  • well on mine its the light up switch on the back of the figure - hopefully it will work on yours and the problem isn't comon
  • the table / workbench is basically the same as with Joker 2.0 - just on wheels and with a second plate (you even have the hole for the pencil of Joker on the upper plate ;) ) - its OK in general

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  1. I just got mine today and I,m in Oakville ,Ont .Canada .I personally thibk the likeness to Robert Downey jr is pretty darn good .IN,m impressed with the detail and stuff .