Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hot Toys DX 11 - Joker 2.0 - photo review

Hey guys, just a quick update - I'm too damn busy at work. Check out some photots of Hot Toys DX 11 Joker 2.0 - I went for the exclusive at Sideshow Collectibles , you might get on the wait list there. Also take a look at my conclusion - right now I don't have the time for a video, sorry guys.

The good

  • two headsculpts included, one with a fixed emotional "laughing expression" and the other one with the DX type PERS system, that look awesome and the PERS works like a charm - a big tribute to Heath Ledger!
  • I didn't cover all the accessories in the photos, but the stuff you get here is top notch: from a small pencil that fits into an included table (for recreating the scene from the movie) to a nice deck of cards to some accurate sculpted weapons
  • the tailoring is on high level, as covered in my Loki review , hot toys is raising the bar of quality on a continuous level. Coat, jacket, vest, shirt, chain, trousers, socks - all is there and in perfect detail

The bad

  • I'm not a big fan of cardboard dioramas, but if you're into this then you will be pleased - it is well executed, but personally I wished the space in the box could have been used for additional stuff like the rocket launcher and grenade belt (from the first DX Heath Leadger Joker)

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  1. Bro..i think you have to get the rpg on ebay..anyway this piece is amazing!!