Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hot Toys Avengers - Loki 1/6 photo review

I'm extremely impressed with this figure - and this impression seems to last forever! Enjoy some photos and a short conclusion.

The good

  • an incredible tailored outfit with mixed media and lots of different layers from fabric, over fake-leather to decorative elements - it's all there, absoluteley the best tailoring job I've seen in this avengers line and maybe the best to date in term of other Hot Toys releases
  • without any doubt an amazing likeness of the actor Tom Hiddleston with a perfect expression on the face (distinct & cold)
  • some neat accessories thrown in , not much but what is there is well executed - especially like the chitauri scepters (long and short) .- those two are a lot better crafted and painted that the other chitauri weapons coming with other avengers line hot toys figures

The bad

  • The helmet clip on mechanism is very fragile, I damaged already a clip just with putting it on and off for the first time - fortunately the helmet still holds together (2 parts with 3 clips that go from the under part into the upper part)
For the video review checkout my other post

1 comment:

  1. I feel your pain -- about the helmet, that is. I managed to damage to back clip. It's rather unfortunate. ;c