Saturday, September 21, 2019

WooToys! Comics Legend - Stan Lee 1/6 - photo review

This week the WooToys! Comics Legend was finally released. It's a representation of Stan Lee as comic book artist and basically recreating the approach Hot Toys took on Stan some years ago. It's a well made product for a third party and non licensed figure. The accessories are well done. The paintjob is not as crisp and shart as a Hot Toys paintjob, but overall the sculpt is well done and he looks a little older than the Hot Toys Stan from Guardians 2. The green sweater is an eye catcher and I'll have the figure now presented with the Hot Toys portrait. In direct comparison he's bit on the yellowish side, but this is only obvious if you have them next to each other. Best way to acquire the Woo Toys Stan is probably eBay.

📦 Interested in buying a licensed Stan Lee? Then you could check out the Stan lee by Hot Toys at Sideshow: 

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