Saturday, May 2, 2020

Hot Toys Hulkbuster Accessories Set -1/6 ACS006 - photo and video review

After 3 years Hot Toys finally released the Hulkbuster accessories set. Including the amazing Jackhammer arm that we all were looking forward for and a rather unimpressive Veronica capsule. The items are fine, but feel overpriced kind of - since in the end you just have the feeling to receive some huge chunks of plastic , even though nicely presented in the cool box. Overall kind of a mixed bag.

The main problem I had was the replacement procedure, in specific the removal of the original Hulkbuster arm - it took me over 1.5 hours inflicting also collateral damage on some parts, luckily nothing I could not fix with some glue. For some reason one of the notches that you need to lift with a special tool got totally stuck and I had to get in with a screwdriver to loosen it up and then pulling with a lot of force at the shoulder joint. Luckily the new arm can be easily setup and taken off. 

Another challenge I observed with switching out the lower arm - e.g. changing from the jackhammer fist to the interlocking lower arm. Here out of the box the slot in the ratchet joint for a connecting cylinder was misaligned - you need to re-align first by rotating the ratchet with the cylinder. Find out about this my video review in detail (info: in process to render - checkout later today).

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