Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark II diecast 2018 - 1/6 MMS431 D20 - photo and video review

So, I was really looking forward for the new Iron Man Mark II diecast release. But unfortunately the final product is a bit underwhelming. I run into some quality control issues on mine (bad glue on artbox, small paint chip on faceplate) and overall the height of the suit is not really inspiring compared to the other suits recently released. It feels like a repaint of the mark III diecast which in the end it also is, plain and simple a rehash of Mark III diecast parts and here and there some modifications. Collector's were never really 100% satisfied with the 2015 Mark III and thus had hopes for major upgrades on this Mark II - somehow Hot Toys missed out on this release. Check out the video review covering all the details.

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