Monday, November 2, 2015

Ikea Detolf LED Kit "Downlighter" by

I acquired a custom made LED light up kit for the Ikea detolf glass cabinets. You can get this and more variants from Dave of . Since Ikea has switched their Ikea dioder led kit to a warm color temperature a lot of us collectors were looking for alternatives. This custom product now totally covers the needs.

  • available in cold white or warm light
  • easy to install and setup, no additional tools need
  • in the package you'll find:
    • 4 LED bars
    • frame / rails for the cables (grey plastic covers with tape to attach)
    • power supply adapter
    • on / off switch module
  • cables are very well hidden
  • works for left and right door hinge setup (order the correct one)
The installation is super easy: You'll place the kit directly between the metal frame rod and the outer glass shelf. After a dry run just peel off the tape and fix it in place. Then attach the 4 LED bars to the different power connectors coming out of the grey plastic cover rails. The power supply leaves the frame at the bottom just next to the door - then you can pull the power cables underneath the detolf and connect it to the mains.

Super clean setup - defiantely will get more kits of this product.

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