Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hot Toys Whiplash Mark II - 1/6 Iron Man 2 MMS237 D06 - video review, photos and caution notice

This week I received the magnificent Whiplash Mark II armor by Hot Toys, a small revival of their Iron Man 2 line. The figure impressed me the moment I got it out of the styrofoam box, it screams quality looking at it and having it in hand is another great experience: over 1 kg of diecast awesomeness.

Unfortunately a nightmare happened when i started my video review. Please have a look at the video and be very careful with the LED switches:

The whole story and more photos after the jump.

So i was filming the video review of Whiplash MK II, when i came to the presentation of the light up functions one of the LED switches on the back broke and slipped into the torso. I had to stop the review since I wanted to get this fixed. So no review today guys...i'd love to...but I'm done! Need to tank some motivation on the weekend and then try again. Story of what happened then:
So i found a way to open this badboy: First take of all limbs, their are just on normal ball joints. The tricky part is the big upper torso, you can't detach it. The clue is to unscrew 2 screws inside the battery compartments on the back. Then you can pull the back and put the torso in half. Then the fun went on...i found the LED switch hanging loose in the back compartment. The hot glue HT uses just is not enough. :-(
So i thought why not use some super glue...the switch box now was tight glued on again...but unfortunately the super glue somehow blocked the current. So... I had to tear the box out again and completely destroyed the switch....!!! Ouuuch!

I had some spare switches left, so i soldered that to the cables...quite a riddle if you're not an electrician. During this process the cables came of from the other battery compartment on the back....the story just did not want to end. Now after about 6 hours I finally got it fully repaired and all sweet LEDs are working again. Seems i'm a bit unlucky when it comes down to iron man and LED functions... :(

Here some photos of the undertaking:

I really wanted to praise this figure to heaven...but right now I just want to shoot it to hell...OMG! Still happy i could solve it though without more breakage. It's a cool release but handle it with care. Now some more photos of this bad boy:

A photo with Iron Man Mark VI, just pointing out that the "pink panties" problem also caught up on the back neck area. Damn.

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