Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hot Toys Avengers Iron Man Mark VII Battle Damaged MMS196 1/6 - photo review

Been some time again - but its good to have something new to share: Today I got my hands on a much debated figure by Hot Toys - the Iron Man Mark VII Battle Damaged figure in their Avengers line. It seemed like a very limited run by preorder time - and there was quite some interest on it. I got mine from Sideshow Collectibles, so check their site out if you want to get on the waitlist for this piece.

First - enjoy some photos:

So what's my opinion on this recent release?

The good

  • I got a bad feeling that after the amazing promo photos (they are extremely stylized) the final product could be a let down - but it is not, thats for sure. The battle damage paintjob is done carefully and definately looks cool enough. The damaged effect comes from different colors (from a vibrant red, to a smoked gold - very dynamic!), little scuff marks all over the armor and also some deeper scratches on certain parts
  • a damn realistic headsculpt of Tony Stark / Robert Downey Jr.
  • the diorama base is huge and the fallen Chitauri alien good painted

The bad

  • price and value have been controversial and they still are - the figure just doesn't feel like 300 USD . on the other hand its a more limited run. 
  • the alien gun is a mere throw in and looks almost identical to the one in the 1/6 Captain America figure, I only saw a difference in the gold color tone (the new one looks a bit bronzier), but sculpt wise its just the same

The upper one is from the Captain release, down the "new" one.

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  1. The battle damaged head sculpt for Tony Stark is very good.