Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hot Toys Black Widow - Avengers Age of Ultron - 1/6 MMS288 video and photo review

The latest Black Widow of Hot Toys has hit the shelf in my collection and I'm quite pleased, it's no must have have but well executed. The facesculpt could use a bit more "lifelikeness" and has about the same stare in the eyes as the Winter Soldier edition. Enjoy a video review including a comparison with the first Avengers Black widow which i still prefer. Also looots of photos!

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hot Toys War Machine Special Version (not Milk) MMS166 - video and photo review

I came across this figure at a local toy fair and could have a look at it (brand new). This War Machine Special Edition was never on my initial must buy list but i saved some budget this month not picking up other recent releases, so I decided to add this to my ever growing Iron Man Hot Toys collection.The paint scheme is really unique which was my main buying reason.

Check out some photos and a video review. I also included a comparison to the original War Machine:

An important information if you consider buying this: there are 2 versions of this figure. One is the normale Special edition (this here) and then there is the "Milk" edition which gives you an additional stand with a Milk logo on it (from what I know Milk is a magazine in Hong-Kong). The milk version is even more rare and will cost you an additional 100 - 200 USD, and beware that you don't get fooled with eBay offers that want to sell you a Milk version which are in reality just normal special editions, so have an eye out for this. The normal special edition is rising in terms of pricing too, currently mid 2015 you have to calculate around 500 - 600 USD - which is heavy for a repaint.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hot Toys Rocket & Groot set - Guardians of the Galaxy MMS254 - video review and teamup photos

Here the video review for the recently released Hot Toys Rocket & Groot set:

I can highly recommend this release to everyone that has just a tiny interest in this franchise, definately go for the set with the extra items.

Here some team up photos with Star-Lord and Gamora :

Lovely cat seems to like Groot too. :)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hot Toys Whiplash Mark II - 1/6 Iron Man 2 MMS237 D06 - video review, photos and caution notice

This week I received the magnificent Whiplash Mark II armor by Hot Toys, a small revival of their Iron Man 2 line. The figure impressed me the moment I got it out of the styrofoam box, it screams quality looking at it and having it in hand is another great experience: over 1 kg of diecast awesomeness.

Unfortunately a nightmare happened when i started my video review. Please have a look at the video and be very careful with the LED switches:

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