Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hot Toys Doctor Strange - MMS387 1/6 - photo and video review

An unexpected but very, very good 1/6 release by Hot Toys just got in: Doctor Strange. You really get some value back on this figure: amazing headsculpt, outstanding tailoring and a great assortment of accessories. Only drawback are the loose knee joints. Definately a must have this year - Hot Toys went all in! Get yours on sideshow: .

Here the video review and some photos:

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hot Toys Endoskeleton - Terminator:Genisys MMS352 1/6 - photo and video review

Yes, finally got a 1/6 Terminator Endoskeleton for my collection. It might be from the average rated Terminator: Genisys but the if you can live with the design modifcations compared to the endo from T1 / T2 then you'll be a happy owner of a superb 1/6 endoskeleton. Only let down for me is the terrible hand switch concept Hot Toys decided to do. If you want one head over to Sideshow Collectibles. Enjoy the vid review and some photos.

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 46 XLI - CA:Civil War -1/6 MMS353D16 - photo and video review

Enjoy the review and photos on the new Iron Man Mark 46 XLVI MMS353D16 by Hot Toys. An almost perfect release: sculpt, paint, light up features and the Robert Downey Jr. portrait are superb. Only some minor quality control issues on the factory glue application on the accessories.

Buy yours on

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hot Toys Drax - Guardians of the Galaxy -1/6 MMS355 - photo and video review

Finally after 3 years of waiting we got Drax by Hot Toys from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Patience was needed for this one. No idea about the reasons of the delay. The final product is a bit of a mixed bag - i was positively surprised by the likeness and the outstanding tattoo work on the body. Where Drax really lacks is the muscle mass and bulkiness - he just looks too slim. Judge for yourself when looking my vid review or at the photos:

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Visit one of world's biggest movie prop, figure and statue collection - video tour

I got the chance to visit Roman Guettingers collection. Roman has one of worlds biggest collection for movie props, figures, statues and movie memorabilia. He's located here in Switzerland, so it was only a drive away. Roman is also doing some sales, so check his website out:

Enjoy a video tour through his collector's dungeon - it's incredible and the footage can't really capture the size of his inventory.

It's a collector's heaven and we could crawl through his stuff for days. If you got any questions on specific pieces just let me know and I'll contact Roman.